Seymour Golf and Country Club has been going into public elementary schools on the North Shore of Vancouver since 1999, and introducing kids to the game of golf.
Modest beginnings saw us showcase golf to approximately 600 grade six children, using a chunk of range turf, cut down golf clubs and a bag full of wiffle balls. This year, along with our strategic partners and state of the art S.N.A.G golf equipment, our Golf Professionals hope to introduce and showcase golf to almost two thousand grade 3’s, 4’s and 5’s here on the North Shore.
We also work with the North Shore Public High School Golf Program to provide course access for their teams to compete. Many young golf athletes have come through Seymour on their way to competitive play at open amateur and university levels, having benefited from the coaching and mentoring our professionals provided. 
If you have children of any age interested in the game of golf, you'd do well to get them into a program here at Seymour.  Call the Pro Shop directly for more information: 604-929-2611.  Or email Dale Schienbein at .