Did your boss just give you one week's notice to "find a special place for a really important meeting that people are flying in to from all over Canada"?  

With the qualification, of course, that "the meeting has to be perfect, the food needs to be top quality, the place needs to feel like a retreat yet be a maximum of 15 minutes from Vancouver, and we're going to have our bankers there, so we need to watch the costs".

What might seem impossible and demanding to you is simply day-to-day reality for us here at Seymour Golf and Country Club.  We handle corporate meetings for some of B.C.'s and Vancouver's biggest companies, and have done so for decades.  With a full range of audio/visual equipment, we can deliver on any meeting requirements, while the beauty and natural setting will provide a relaxing atmosphere for even the most stressful agendas.

Ask as well about our meeting and golf packages.  It's a great way to build relationships with staff or important clients, and sometimes the most important business decisions are reached when out on the golf course.
To book a meeting, please call Sandy Day at 604.929.5491 ext 226, or email her at