Seymour Clubhouse Dress Code

Clubhouse Dress Code

We like to make dining at Seymour a special event for our Members and guests, so even though we're far from being "stuffy", we still ask that you take some time to read our dress standards. The Clubhouse dress code is intended for all areas of the Clubhouse, including the outside deck.
Guys, golfwear is fine (no caps inside).  Tailored slacks and shorts, tailored shirts, golf shirts, and mock turtleneck shirts all work for us.  Ladies, golfwear is fine (no caps inside). Tailored slacks and shorts, skirts and dresses will also get you in the doors without a problem.
And yes, we will let you wear jeans, but only inside the clubhouse or on the deck (we repeat - NO jeans on the golf course or practice areas!). And they have to be nice jeans (no rips, no tears, and the baggy hip-hop look is uncool here). Track pants and sweatgear of any kind are considered inappropriate clothing and will get you a tour of the Pro Shop's "pants for sale" aisle.