Qualifications: Any person who applies by their nineteenth birthday and has been approved by the Board, subject to vacancies.  The total number of Intermediate Members will be determined by the Board.

Rights: Full use of the Club facilities and may attend General Meetings of Members, but may not vote or hold office.  Playing privileges of Intermediate Members will be determined by the Board. An Intermediate Member may, at any time up to their 35th birthday, apply for Full or Associate membership in the Club, upon the same basis as defined in the Club's bylaws, except that no additional entry fee will be payable. Any person whose Intermediate membership has expired and who applied for Full or Associate membership before expiry, may be granted temporary playing privileges by the Board, pending the determination of his or her application.

ENTRANCE FEE:  $ 22,000.00 plus GST $ 1,100.00 = $ 23,100.00



Intermediate Member Dues $115.88
Staff Retention Bonus $   2.00
Pro Shop Service Charge $ 34.11
Food Minimum charge per quarter $175.00


Lockers:            ½ locker $5.50; Full Locker $9.00
Guest Green Fees:        $97.00
All charges subject to GST.


Intermediates may not ballot for play on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays, but are permitted to book tee times after the draw has been made or add their name to the single's list.  They are also eligible to participate in events as approved by the Match Committee.


This membership category has the same playing privileges as Intermediate Members for the months of April 1st to September 30th. From October 1st to March 31st, these members have no access to the golf course, short practice area and driving range.


Monday through Friday 3 guests anytime (except statutory holidays). During Men's Twilight up to 3 guests are permitted per Member.  A local guest may not play more than once per calendar month during the golf season even if they are introduced by different Members. Only one guest per member is permitted on weekends.