One of the biggest benefits for a Full or Associate Member at Seymour, outside of golfing, is the ability to enroll your children into the club's Intermediate program.  At the age of 19 they can apply for Intermediate membership, as long as you are a Full or Associate Member. 

Intermediate membership provides generous access to the course and tee-times, and many of the privileges of Full Membership, with the annual dues reduced substantially. The Initiation Fee paid will be only 50% of the current Full Membership fee, and an Intermediate Member may pay it over a sixteen year term, if they begin at age 19. 

At age 35, with their Initiation Fee paid, your child will be able to join Seymour as a Full Member and create their own legacy of outstanding golf and social experiences!

We also have a modified Intermediate program for university and college students. 

Details are available through Sally Wilson at 604.929.5491.