Fertilizer and Fungicide Policy

Pesticides (primarily fungicides) are used on the course and practice areas to maintain the health of the grounds. Staff members comply with legislation and manufacturer’s recommendations concerning the use of these products, and all efforts are made to protect golfers from exposure. In addition, public notices are posted prior to each application so golfers may choose to play or not to play that day.

Golfers should always take precautions to reduce any chance of absorbing pesticides:

  • Oral exposure has the greatest degree of risk and should be carefully avoided. Direct and/or indirect contact between your mouth and anything in contact with the playing surface should always be avoided.  Don’t lick your ball and don’t put your cigar/cigarette/sandwich down on the grass, then back into your mouth.
  • Skin and eye contact can also result in absorption.
  • After playing golf on treated areas, always wash your hands with plenty of soap and water immediately, before smoking, drinking, eating, or applying cosmetics.

Despite the safe practices we follow, the lawyers still want us to state the following: All golfers are hereby given notice that, if they choose to play following the application of pesticides, they play golf at their own risk.

We’ll let you know when pesticides have been applied. You can decide if you still want to play.